Bit8’s products and services are among the most sought after in the iGaming industry and have attracted a host of awards in recent years. But we couldn’t have achieved half of what we have without the dedicated team who make us what we are today. The good news is we’re always looking to add great people to our ranks and would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they’d be at home at Bit8 here on the fabulous island of Malta or in one of our other offices.

Here’s what we offer our employees:

Great Career Growth Opportunities

We’re growing all the time, and want our people to grow with us. We don’t believe in hierarchies or slow and steady approach. We believe in being dynamic.

Stimulating and Varied work

We appreciate people spend a long time at work each week, so we make it interesting. If you’re not stimulated and don’t enjoy what you do it’s a chore. We don’t do chores.

Training and Health Insurance

We want to make sure you can develop and grow as the company does, that’s why we invest in our employees. We also provide health insurance and medical doctor services, together with travel immunization when needed.

Competitive Salaries and a Happy Work Environment

We know that money matters, but that it’s not everything. You also need to like where you work and the people you work with. It’s possible to do both.

Sports Initiatives, Social Events, and Entertainment

All work and no play makes for a dull life. That’s why we organise social events and offer employees sport-specific allowances. And then there are our legendary team breakfasts!

Flexible hours

We appreciate people have commitments outside work, particularly when it comes to young families or elderly relatives. That’s why we offer our people flexible working hours that allow them to fit everything in.

  • Great Career Growth Opportunities Stimulating and Varied work Training and Health Insurance Competitive Salaries and a Happy Work Environment Sports Initiatives, Social Events, and Entertainment Flexible hours

Employee testimonials

We could go on all day about how good it is to work at Bit8. But the people you want to hear from are the ones who already work here. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Nikolai Dalli, 30, is a Business Analyst joined Bit8 in 2015 from an IT company specialising in the energy sector, and has enjoyed the move into gaming. He said:

“The management team is quite young still, which gives it the feel of being a start-up. But it is much more sophisticated than that, as evidenced by the number of different clients we now work with here. I’ve learnt so much from working with a wide variety of business cultures. I also love the fact you can make the job your own. There is no old-fashioned corporate structure that stifles ideas. They are actively encouraged, so you are not just following a company vision – you are encouraged to add to that vision yourself.”

Nikolai Dalli

Nicholas Frendo, 28, was Bit8’s first employee. He started off as a Software Developer, but now passes on what he’s learnt in his role as Head of Training. He said:

“I’ve been lucky to combine two things I really enjoy: software development and teaching. I was intrigued by the product when I first joined and haven’t been disappointed, with it or the people behind it. There are no glass ceilings and I really like the lack of bureaucracy. I also love the fact you can change roles and move upwards in the company. It makes a real difference when your employer believes in you and there is a great team spirit.”

Nicholas Frendo

Magdalena Jarzyna, 30, has been with Bit8 since 2015, where she is a Product Trainer. She first came across the Bit8 platform when she worked for an operator, and was impressed. She said:

“I remember thinking that it was a great product and when the chance came to work with it I jumped at the chance. I was also very impressed with the people at Bit8 – and still am. I’m free to ask anyone’s advice at any time. In fact, we’re really encouraged to share information. I’ve lived on Malta for ten years now and love it. The weather is certainly better than my native Poland – but the people are so warm and friendly too. I would certainly recommend the island, as well as Bit8, to anyone thinking of relocating.”

Magdalena Jarzyna

Steve Ritchie, 27, joined Bit8 straight from university and is now a Product Expert, and all round go-to-guy at Bit8. He said:

“I love a challenge and working here has certainly given me that from day one. That’s not only in helping the product evolve, but also working with so many different clients with different ideas and business practices. The thing I like the most about Bit8 is that I’ve grown as the company has grown. I’ve also learnt such a large amount in such a short space of time. The fact I can now pass that knowledge on within the company is great. And to do so in such a friendly, supportive environment where we can have fun as well as work hard is even better.”

Steve Ritchie
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