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Senior Software Development Executive

Bit8, is considered among the top most innovative gaming platforms in the Gaming industry.  We been nominated for a slate of awards, such as ‘Best Software Platform’ by EGR and ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the iGaming Awards of 2014, in London. Our Company has also won the ‘Software Rising Star of the Year’ of 2014 by EGR.

Our platform services a wide spectrum of operators ranging from start-up clients to some of the top operators in the world.

We are around 70 employees based in Malta and abroad, growing exponentially across multiple roles and skillsets, with operations growing into over 50 countries.

Bit8 is also a subsidiary of the Intralot Group!

Intralot is a leading gaming solutions supplier and operator, established in 1992, active in 55 regulated jurisdictions around the globe. In 2016, the Intralot Group had a €1.32 billion turnover with a global workforce of approximately 5,300 employees. The Group has also been awarded with the prestigious WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification by the World Lottery Association (WLA) for the global lottery operations. The vision of the Intralot Group, is to be a multinational corporation in the Gaming Industry that creates and offers superior products and services, securing sustainable value creation.

At Bit8, we are looking to recruit top players in their respective fields; stars who do not shy away from innovating, and taking bold steps with those ideas to see them realized!

In our team, you will work hard and have fun doing it! Employees are given the required space to thrive, build, experiment, and contribute across a number of product features and modules.  At Bit8, careers come with great perks! Are you up for the challenge?


As our new Senior Software Development Executive, you will oversee several important tasks, like the following:

  • Ensure the right development of a work package
  • Develop and integrate components into a larger product
  • Respect coding best practices, including unit testing
  • Document and comment source code
  • Develop functional knowledge on casino, sports-bets, poker, payments, and other industry related products
  • Break down and estimate development issues (features, improvements and defects)
  • Create incident reports and RCAs when needed
  • Devise possible solutions to anticipated problems
  • Combine all elements of the program design and testing it

You will be a successful candidate, if you can identify yourself with the following criteria:

  • 5+ years of development experience in C# & MySQL
  • You are fluent in some or most of the following technologies – C#, LINQ, MySQL, Redis, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Actively Seek New Programming Knowledge & continuously keeping up with the latest trends
  • Knowledge/Experience in the following technologies (HTML5 / JavaScript / jQuery / React / SASS / MongoDB)
  • Experience in High Transactional Systems
  • A fair command of the English language is an important asset!

As a personality….

  • You are indeed a goal oriented person! Everyone knows that when you take on a task, big and scary, small and boring or any other combination, you set your mind to complete it in the best of your ability!
  • You are always seen as the person who is proud of his / her work and you have fun doing it!
  • You understand that everyone makes mistakes, and for that, sometimes we look bad. It is the process behind it which makes us better, where we learn from the mistakes, teach others about experiences, and find ways not to repeat it.
  • You care about how your work and attitude affects those around you. And we really mean, you care. If you hurt someone, it hurts you. Everything you do is funnelled through this logic!
  • Teaching, learning & helping your co-workers is hardcoded in your neural network
  • You understand that one of your biggest responsibility is communication. And you also understand that lack of it will hurt the achievement of all the above

Our Company Offers:

Our vision is to attract and develop the most talented people in our industry, and to provide all the necessary means and procedures to support them, not only to fill their job description bur also to go above and beyond expectations! Thus, at Bit8 we provide:

  • A competitive compensation package according to professional experience, combined with various additional benefits
  • An extensive training program upon induction and throughout employment
  • Exceptional opportunities to learn and develop in a multinational environment!
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I agree to these terms and agreements and that my data will be stored for a maximum period of 12 months following the end of recruitment process.

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