Bit8 offers a range of products, including our award winning Bit8 Platform, in a Lite and Full version, together with a number of optional plugin modules that can enhance the inbuilt functionality. Content and product vertical solutions from a variety of third parties are integrated via a single common wallet. The Bit8 Platform is complemented by the Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management and mobile/tablet products. A range of professional services complement our products, as seen in the Solutions section.

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    • Maximise player lifetime value

      The Bit8 platform is built from scratch to support the fundamental KPI of any gaming operator – maximising the amount of value generated by players over their lifetime.

      Increase revenue and reduce costs

      Revenue is increased by the innovative technology and features in Bit8. Costs are reduced by the use of Artificial Intelligence technology and Bit8 innovations such as the advanced bonus system.

      Automate routine tasks

      Routine manual labour automation is the province of Bit8 AI algorithms. Free up precious human resources for more creative and productive tasks (and reduce costs by minimising staff levels and bloat).

    • Targeting Players using Data Mining

      Geo-location support also enables location based offers to be defined – an area that is going to be increasingly important in the gaming industry as more players move towards mobile and tablet as their primary, rather than secondary, channel for interacting with online gaming operator sites. The geo-location support is also an important feature to enable operators to support regulations in certain jurisdictions, that require the player’s location to be identified and treated differently. The new EU VAT directive also imposes new location based constraints and rules, which although of limited impact to the gaming industry so far, may become increasingly more important if more countries adopt stances like Germany, for example. Within the Bit8 platform, geo-location support can be used with every offer, enabling the operator to take advantage of the player’s location in defining intelligent marketing campaigns.

    • Campaign Optimisation

      Operators can use the inbuilt big data tools in the Bit8 platform to segment players intelligently and perform experiments that optimise the rate of return. When implemented correctly, powerful A/B testing techniques can be used to analyse the return of different variants of the same campaign, in order to identify the best combination for a particular player segment. The operator can thus achieve more value with less effort, by identifying the best opportunities with the aid of the automated analysis. The technology also enables a sophisticated approach towards revenue management and retention without the complexity of having various disparate systems that have a sharp learning curve to use effectively. The automated monitoring aspect allows for budgets and financial KPIs to be constantly monitored, enabling costs to be controlled effectively. In particular cases, costs can also be forecasted, either directly via simulations or via predictions of which players will be likely to be eligible for a particular offer.


    • The rapid pace of consumer led innovation in devices such as mobiles and tablets and the rise of better ways of providing good player experience, such as HTML5 and adaptive websites, has forced the industry to start moving away from legacy platforms towards more innovative and disruptive technology.

      The Bit8 mobile platform is complimented with a range of professional services and a full-service HTML5 mobile and tablet client solution with an intelligent middle layer that speeds up mobile and client facing applications.

      The Bit8 mobile platform offers an advanced bonus system that works across multiple game suppliers and cross-product, promotions and tournaments, seamless wallet integration, loyalty and experience point programmes, affiliate system integration and advanced payment handling. The data mining and self-updating player segmentation coupled with an artificial intelligence rule engine and CRM add-ons give a cutting edge to operators while maximising retention and the overall player lifetime value.

    • The mobile middle layer has been designed with data intensive applications such as sportsbook in mind. Using our innovative solutions in mobile, our mobile and tablet applications have been measured to load up to four times faster than comparable competing applications. Using our distributed caching system, content loads faster and can be served from multiple locations simultaneously.

      Our innovative pre-rendering system also speeds up the mobile apps, resulting in a more efficient use of the mobile devices and a significant reduction in bandwidth and network costs. Additionally, Bit8 also offers a comprehensive integrated mobile compatible CMS that allows operators to manage their player facing websites with direct integration to the Bit8 platform, although operators are still free to use their own existing CMS. Bit8 thus offers an entire integrated suite for operators made up of the core platform, various modules, mobile/tablet solution, middle layer and CMS.


    • The Bit8 platform is equally at home on desktop, mobile and tablet. The tablet solution uses the same middle layer as the mobile, with a slightly different pre-rendering solution that is optimised for different tablets.

      Tablet players typically use a mobile device in conjunction with their tablet, especially for certain verticals such as sportsbook and horse racing, which are more amenable to a tablet format due to the amount of information that needs to be displayed to the player.

      The Bit8 mobile platform fully supports tablet users, while using the extra space available to offer a richer player experience using mobile and tablet mini-games and an extended number of recommended games that takes advantage of the larger screen space.

    • Bit8’s modern design also enables us to offer functionality, like multiple jurisdiction support, geo-fencing and real-time bonus offers that is almost impossible to offer on older platforms that have not been designed from the ground up to support such business needs. Our continuous improvement process takes input from our clients and relentlessly drives us towards an ever perfect platform that has the potential to disrupt the entire online gaming industry.