Bit8 offers a comprehensive range of solutions that meet every online operator’s needs in multiple verticals, including casino, sportsbook, poker, live dealer, lottery, bingo, social gaming, land based and horse racing. Scroll down to learn more about the Bit8 platform features – including both Lite and Full versions, and the turnkey hosted solutions that we offer. All products and solutions are complimented by our range of professional services, 24×7 support and consultancy.


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All Possible Bonus Types in the Industry

Real and Bonus Money Tracking

Intelligent Conversion Rules

Bonus Risk Prediction and Budget Control

Infinite Flexibility with AI Technology

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Risk Management
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Control and manage risk via the inbuilt budgeting system, and forecast likely exposure for different bonus definitions, all within a risk-management and anti-fraud framework.
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Player Targeting & Data Mining
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than other comparable systems. Use the inbuilt player targeting, dynamic filters and data mining system to create targeted campaigns and offers quickly and efficiently. Monitoring and compare campaigns in A/B like tests.
The recommendations engine is an optional module that gives operators the ability to recommend games to players using their past behaviour together with the automatic analysis of other similar players behaviour. Get a quick return on ROI due to the increased level of wagering activity and increase in player satisfaction.
Advanced behavioural segmentation
more effective than normal segmentation, the optional behavioural segmentation system uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to segment players based on their behaviour, giving operators the ability to offer super-targeted recommendations and execute sophisticated retention campaigns.
Location Based Offers
Geo-location support can be used with every offer, enabling the operator to take advantage of the player’s location in defining intelligent marketing campaigns.
Unified Player View

With the Bit8 CRM system module, you can manage all of your player data using a single powerful screen. All facets of player data and CRM are accessed easily and independently, making it easy for different types of users to give excellent customer service and support.


The Bit8 CRM system is available either as a module with the Bit8 Platform or as a standalone system for both online and land-based operators.

Manage Multiple Brands with Global View
The Bit8 Global View system allows operators to manage multiple brands and multiple sites, viewing transactions and reporting data in aggregate format, while enabling bonuses to be copied across multiple brands and players to be handled appropriately according to the operator’s multi-brand marketing strategy.
All your brands in one place
Multiple Jurisdiction Compliance
Compliance Tools including encryption support, archiving, audit trails and centralised compliance services and self-exclusion registries.
Country Compliance packs adding custom functions and tools for specific Regulatory Authorities.
Generic Compliance Tools including player balance and transaction trails, withdrawal and deposits and revenue reports compliant with various regulatory and EU rules.
Loyalty & Experience Points
Loyalty points are achieved via pre-determined actions set by the operator that can then be redeemed using a loyalty point redemption scheme.
Marketing Campaign Management
The powerful campaign event engine within the Bit8 platform allows for a variety of acquisition and retention strategies to be executed.
Hosted Services
Bit8 hosted services combine an instance of the Bit8 platform, in either the Lite or Full version together with hardware that is hosted and supported by Bit8’s own operations team and network operations centre. Operators are still responsible for their own licensing under the hosted services model, making it suitable for medium and large operators who are seeking a path to growth. Bit8 hosted services take out the hassle of maintaining IT operations and leverages our expertise in maintaining systems and 24x7 uptime together with the comfort of knowing that the Bit8 platform is being handled by Bit8 staff themselves. Naturally, the player database and all transactions always remain the property of the operator and a strict security policy is applied to protect sensitive data. Hosted services give operators the following services amongst others:
  • Hardware Lease
  • Hardware Setup
  • Data Center Hosting (Single DC, with optional Failover DC)
  • Redundant Network Connectivity
  • Bandwidth

Bit8 is offering advantageous launch rates during Q1-Q2 2015 on hosted services. Contact our sales team for more information.
Professional Services
Bit8 also offers a range of professional services that complement our products and solutions, including:

  • Custom Development
  • Consultancy Services
  • Training
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Analysis

Professional services enable operators to get much more value from our solutions, while tapping into our industry expertise and connections.
Kindly contact our sales team to learn more.
Industry Solutions by Vertical
The Bit8 Platform offers a comprehensive range of products and services in multiple verticals, for both the Lite and Full Platform versions. We work with a wide range of third party content providers and have a system of mix-and-match modules that makes it possible for us to deliver a custom tailored solution to each operator using a standard base platform.

Browse through to learn more about the different options available for different online gaming verticals including online casino, sportsbook and sports betting, poker, live dealer games, lotteries, bingo, social gaming, land based gaming and horse racing.
Offering a wide variety of quality content from our casino game content partners, the Bit8 platform provides very extensive support for casino games with our powerful common wallet integration and advanced support for slots, scratch cards and traditional casino games. Support for free spin management, multiple games and mini-games provides additional revenue generation options for operators.
Sportsbook, Fantasy and Pool Betting
The Bit8 platform has support for sports betting systems, including managed sports betting. We also support fantasy tournaments and sports together with pool betting. The common wallet system extends to sportsbook and can be used to create multi-vertical offers that in general are more lucrative than single-vertical offers.
Bit8 has support for different poker networks and products, including download clients that can be interfaced with the platform. The common wallet sub-wallet functionality can be used to ring-fence deposited amounts and bonuses if needed.
Live Dealer
Bit8 has support for various live dealer products including traditional casino games and card games. Live dealer games are handled via the same common wallet system as with other casino games, giving operators the flexibility to mix and match offers across RNG based and live dealer based games.
The Bit8 platform has support for lotteries and various lottery products including traditional lottery products, instant win, keno and other lotto products.
The Bit8 platform is adding support for bingo games and bingo specific features such as chat moderation and social gaming features that make the whole experience for the players more gamified.
The optional social gaming module allows the Bit8 platform to enable features such as medals and achievements, which together with optional social network integration can provide a complete social gaming experience for players, both real-money and free play-for-fun.
land Based
Bit8 has support for land based operations, including the sharing of loyalty card information with land based systems and support for ticket-in ticket-out payments. Using the Bit8 CRM system, Bit8 also offers an easy upgrade path for land based operators that is future proof, enabling them to go online easily at a rollout schedule optimised for their particular context.
Horse Racing
Bit8 has support for horse racing and related similar type of betting, with similar functionality to sports betting.